MOTSIM is a non-linear time-domain seakeeping simulation program that can predict vessel motions in six degrees of freedom in any wave conditions. The seakeeping simulation produces a time history of motions at the vessel’s center of gravity. This data is used to determine the motions, velocities, and accelerations for any other location on the vessel, assuming rigid body dynamics. Unlike frequency-domain codes, MOTSIM is not limited to long, slender ship types and assumptions of linear response. A range of vessels can be accommodated, including traditional monohulls, semi-submersibles, and small waterplane area twin hulls (SWATHs).

  • Basic seakeeping and/or RAO
  • Slamming/greenwater assessment
  • Point monitoring
  • Dynamic positioning evaluation
  • Roll reduction system evaluation
  • Special systems
  • Habitability analysis
  • Visualization of results