Donald Spencer, M.Eng, P.Eng.

Donald Spencer
Senior Technical Advisor

Mr. Spencer has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the Technical University of Nova Scotia and a Masters of Marine Technology from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.  Mr. Spencer started his career in ice during the 1980s looking at multi-year pressure ridge loads on conical structures for the Shtokman gas field in the Barents Sea, a project that now seems set to become a reality.  In 1985, Mr. Spencer joined the Arctic Vessel Research group at the National Research Council of Canada where he worked until 1996.  There his research activities involved calibration of the model tests with available full-scale data, icebreaker trials, ice loading on offshore structures, and development of new modeling techniques.  Mr. Spencer left the NRC to form Oceanic Consulting Corporation where he has continued to study ice, performing numerous studies supporting the development in the Sea of Okhotsk offshore Sakhalin, Russia.  Other Sakhalin related work has included various studies that investigated tanker loading units (TLU) and tanker behaviour when the direction of drifting ice suddenly changes.  Mr. Spencer also specializes in the area of Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV), having performed both independent and joint-industry-project studies for AIMS International and FloaTec.  Mr. Spencer’s research in this area lead him to develop Oceanic’s VIV test rigs used in small and large scale testing for the offshore industry.