Oceanic’s goal is your success.

Oceanic recognizes that today’s marine systems often exceed the traditional boundaries of naval architecture and ocean engineering; higher demands for safety, performance, and profitability are the norm.

To achieve these demands, Oceanic pursues continuous industry-relevant scientific research, experimental development, and knowledge of new industry codes and standards to ensure that its clients benefit from current advice and reliable results.  Science and technology guide Oceanic to optimize our client’s designs to meet or exceed anticipated performance targets.

Oceanic works with its clients as collaborative partners in a common goal for a solution that best fits the program needs.  Through close liaison and design consultation with the client, Oceanic tailors a scientific research program that ensures that a clear question will result in a straightforward answer.

Through its adherence to an ISO 9001-2008 quality management system, Oceanic’s senior staff share a common store of knowledge, lessons learned, and experience that informs every project.  Project managers actively lead project teams in a practice founded on sound planning, proven techniques, and leading technology.

Oceanic couples a depth of experience with a breadth of knowledge to provide dependable scientifically based engineering solutions for every project it undertakes.