Maritime trade is vital to world economy. With up to 90 percent of all international trade passing through seaports as the first point of entry, the world’s seaborne trade has reached record highs. Vessel owners and operators are now turning to commercial research and development to mitigate the risks of maritime accidents, improve vessel performance, as well as open new ports, passages, and frontiers. Through a combination of physical modeling and numerical methods, Oceanic provides its clients with the most comprehensive suite of scientific research, development, and evaluation services.


From preliminary analysis to comprehensive physical modeling programs, Oceanic can provide a range of services to assist in the development of clients’ designs.

Numerical Simulation

The complex relationship between a structure and its environment is essential to understanding marine performance. Benchmarked and validated against full- and model-scale data, simulation technology allows for design evaluation flexibility unheard of a decade ago.

Physical Modeling

By creating accurate scale models and simulating real-world environments through state-of-the-art research facilities, techniques, and technologies, Oceanic proves and improves clients’ concepts and advances designs through solid scientific analysis.